Why I Don't Use Eye Cream at Night | Beauty with Susan Yara

Published on Apr 16, 2019 73,961 views

One of the most common questions I get from you guys is, "What is the best eye cream?" And the truth is, I don't use eye cream at night. Watch this video to see why and when I think you should use eye cream.

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  • Laura D
    Laura D 1 месяц назад Eye cream sales jus dropped 50% 😅
  • Anna Fryxell
    Anna Fryxell 1 месяц назад Laura D 😂
  • Becky Silky
    Becky Silky 1 месяц назад Laura D 🤣🤣
  • Veronica Watson
    Veronica Watson 1 месяц назад I have very dry skin including my eye area. I find that the eye cream I have really helps the fine lines and sunkenness. I don't get puffy eyes like ever so I guess that's just me.
  • julahandyruby nam
    julahandyruby nam 1 месяц назад (изменено) same here. i feel like the area around my eyes is more "plump" instead of sunken in like you said
  • mona rames
    mona rames 1 месяц назад Which eye cream do you use?
  • Susan Yara
    Susan Yara 1 месяц назад Hi Everyone! I want to point out, I explained why I don’t use eye cream at night. That doesn’t mean it will be exactly the same for everyone. I always say this, but skincare is very personal. You don’t NEED an eye cream, but they’re nice. If you want to splurge on it, that’s fine. It’s not going to hurt you. It’s just a nice luxury item in your routine.
  • Tainted Life
    Tainted Life 1 месяц назад Susan Yara what I want to know is do you moisturize that area at all at night. Do you find a moisturizer necessary in the area. I get that eye creams can be overpriced ripoffs and that you can use another properly formulated moisturizer. I don’t wear makeup so i mean on clean skin do u find moisturizer on eye area necessary or useful.
  • Heidi Deang
    Heidi Deang 1 месяц назад Susan Yara hi i dont use eyecream too but i used eye patches sometimes...and also u said in your one video the way to put eyecream so i guess if u have great skincare it will cover up the eye area too coz u said wen we blink and we put eyecream its will go directly to your eyebags so no need to apply it near the eyebags..so just wanna share i dont use eyecream too as it doesnt change any... once i tried and i had milia...so i stopped...thanks for the info...
  • Karen Karen
    Karen Karen 1 месяц назад Agree. Dr. Dray and Dr. Lim are saying the same thing. I am using my face moisturizer Avene recovery cream as my eye cream. No irritation at all.
  • Nolwenn Appelbaum
    Nolwenn Appelbaum 1 месяц назад I personally use cerave and or vaseline. I've never gotten milia so I think it's alright (for me) 😅
  • April
    April 1 месяц назад I came here to say the same about dr dray. I also use my cerave cream for my eye cream and my under eyes are so moist when I wake up.
  • Ashae Burgess
    Ashae Burgess 3 недели назад Karen Karen I use avene cicalfate under my eye well all over and concentrate it under my eye and seal it in with the laneige water sleeping mask in the same way
  • Cinderfire
    Cinderfire 1 месяц назад Weird. The eye creams and eye essence I use doesn’t cause me puffiness nor milia. Hmmm. I use a certain 2 in the morning and a different 2 in the evening. Without them my eyes and crows feet look and feel worse. 🤷‍♀️
  • Evi Ozyra
    Evi Ozyra 1 месяц назад 4 different products? the marketing really worked on you girl
  • Cinderfire
    Cinderfire 1 месяц назад Evi Ozyra one would think but no. I have 2 K eye creams that are large and are taking forever to use up. I found them so I just decided to use them in conjunction with my other 2 so I can empty them without trashing it. Lol. I call them eye cream toppers because they are light. Like essences.
  • Miss Mona
    Miss Mona 1 месяц назад Cinderfire: Could you share which 4 eye creams you are using?
  • Cinderfire
    Cinderfire 1 месяц назад (изменено) Miss Mona sure! In the morning I use Hado Labo age correcting eye cream. Once that’s soaked in I top it off with a bit of Whamisa organic flowers eye essence. At night I’ll do Cera Ve eye repair cream and after that the Whamisa chai tea eye cream. The Whamisa ones are lighter than the other 2. I mainly use the 2 Nd ones to concentrate on the smile lines. They all soak right down and my eye area never feels dry. Doesn’t burn. I put them al over my eye area. Lids and underneath. When these run out I’m torn between which ones are the best because they are all great. Sigh
  • Miss Mona
    Miss Mona 1 месяц назад Cinderfire: Thank you! 💋
  • eunicesueanne 유니스수안
    eunicesueanne 유니스수안 3 недели назад I have been using eye cream since 18, not all expensive products, sometimes cheap korean brands. Now in my 30s, no need for botox for crows feet! There’s a korean brand AHC eye cream, very affordable that I like!
  • Amdarela
    Amdarela Неделю назад Could you give the brand, please?
  • eunicesueanne 유니스수안
    eunicesueanne 유니스수안 Неделю назад On amazon, search “AHC eye cream for face”! ❤️❤️
  • eunicesueanne 유니스수안
    eunicesueanne 유니스수안 Неделю назад Amdarela I also have a list of sites I frequent for korean eye care products ;) DM me on Instagram if you want!
  • Amdarela
    Amdarela Неделю назад Thank you🙂
  • Cassie Blass
    Cassie Blass 1 месяц назад Your skin can swell if dehydrated most puffiness in skin is due to lack of hydration or irritation, eye care can help puffiness, extra hydration dose and has been proven to slow down signs of aging from showing, as for dark circles I will agree MOST eye creams that claim to fight under eye darkness have some from of skin whiteners, BUT if you watch your ingredients you can find eye creams that are stimulating and promote blood flow witch can brighten the area and is great for your skin! I am a licensed esthetician and I enjoy doing my research, everyone has there opinions but I’m a firm believer in not thinking that what works for me is what works for others, eye care can be extremely effective for someone who needs it!
  • Arren Hidalgo
    Arren Hidalgo 1 месяц назад Thank you for this video as always. ♡
  • Figurista - Девушка с формами
    Figurista - Девушка с формами 1 месяц назад (изменено) You said it yourself - skin around our eyes is more delicate then on our face. So it needs different skincare. I cannot put my retinol around my eyes because it’s too strong. And I have normal face skin and dry skin around eyes. So it needs more moisture and more oils. This are two simple reasons to use eye cream 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • marley
    marley 1 месяц назад Agree
  • Katherine Ch
    Katherine Ch 1 месяц назад My eye cream has retinol in it (castalia chronoderm). It is great and does not irritate the eyes at all. I do use it 3 times a week. The days I dont use the retinol one I use a simple hydrating one and I have never noticed sewlling or anything at all. It helps with fine lines. Both to "treat" and especially prevent in my opinion.
  • Nolwenn Appelbaum
    Nolwenn Appelbaum 1 месяц назад La Roche posay has a 0.3 retinol eye cream IIRC. I personally use the TO 1% in squalane around my eyes. And yes, I moisturise the eye are during the night. I personally see a visible difference when I don't...
  • adin
    adin 1 месяц назад Figurista - Девушка с формами eye creams are useless
  • Zeyna Nd
    Zeyna Nd 1 месяц назад Not true. You want serums that penetrate any skin. I use all my toners, serums and moisturizers all over so alo around my eyes and it's great. There are moisturizers that are too thick for the slin around the eyes but usually good quality skincare does not have that peoblem.
  • Zeyna Nd
    Zeyna Nd 1 месяц назад @Katherine Ch you can use retinol all over your face, why just the eyes?
  • 4everrainie
    4everrainie 1 месяц назад Katherine Ch What is the name of ur eye cream?
  • Figurista - Девушка с формами
    Figurista - Девушка с формами 1 месяц назад Zeyna Nd I do same, but still I need an eye creams. So what is not true for you might be true for me.
  • Katherine Ch
    Katherine Ch 1 месяц назад @4everrainie It is the Castalia Chronoderm Gel Creme Yeux Retinol :) (I live in Europe so I am not sure if it is available in the US)
  • Katherine Ch
    Katherine Ch 1 месяц назад @Zeyna Nd I do, I just find the face retinol I use too strong for my eyes! The eye cream is really gentle.
  • Michelle Yu
    Michelle Yu 1 месяц назад Katherine Ch A derm once told my friend that if he wants a retinol eye cream, when applying retinol on your face, just put the residual product on your fingers mixed with a moisturizer. You don’t need a lot under the eyes.
  • Cristhian Loyola
    Cristhian Loyola 1 месяц назад Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️😊you should make a video of OLIVIA CULPO NIGHTTIME SKINCARE ROUTINE !!!!!❤️❤️😊😊😊
  • Veronica Watson
    Veronica Watson 1 месяц назад (изменено) Don't you think that saying 'eye cream' is a very broad word or at least it's too general. There is quite a variance in quality, and ingredients in formulations to eye creams. Saying that they are just smaller bottles of face cream it's kind of misleading, not all face creams should be used around the eye area. I mean we are talking about a huge umbrella of products. I think this is rather too general and people will take your advice pretty quickly. There are many comments here saying that they are going to throw away their eye cream based on this very personal and general thing you said. Eye creams can be very helpful for many people. They can be a gentle formulation for the eye area and lighter than their face cream so it's not as irritating. You absolutely need to keep moisture in your eye area to prevent wrinkles. Yes you do
  • sanches796
    sanches796 1 месяц назад Exactly! Even if the formulations look the same, they surely vary in concentrations and quality..I get the claim for puffiness (which is very personal), but saying they are not necessary and could be replaced with ANY moisturizer/product, is too much. 😑
  • Nolwenn Appelbaum
    Nolwenn Appelbaum 1 месяц назад (изменено) They aren't small bottles of face cream. They're usually small bottles that are less effective (Edit: gentler) than face cream...
  • Periwinkleeyes70
    Periwinkleeyes70 1 месяц назад You can use regular face moisturizer on your eyes. If it doesn’t irritate your face it should be fine for the eye area. If you need more moisture use serum too and oil
  • Charm Moreno
    Charm Moreno 1 месяц назад Omg I get a lot of milia! I will toss my eye cream now!
  • Hash Tag
    Hash Tag 1 месяц назад You don't have to toss it. Just make sure your eye cream is light and not heavy at all. That's all you need.
  • Nolwenn Appelbaum
    Nolwenn Appelbaum 1 месяц назад Imo:, Stop using it. See what happens. If it doesn't get worse / you don't get new ones (when you usually would)? That's when I'd toss it...
  • Poemi10304
    Poemi10304 1 месяц назад Use something that is more of a gel, maybe?
  • Zeyna Nd
    Zeyna Nd 1 месяц назад Also check your moisturizers.
  • Naturally Quilo
    Naturally Quilo 1 месяц назад I use rose water and sweet almond oil under my eyes at night .. works pretty well for me🤷🏾‍♀️
  • sagrika tanwar
    sagrika tanwar 1 месяц назад Naturally Quilo How do you apply rose water?
  • Naturally Quilo
    Naturally Quilo 4 недели назад sagrika tanwar I spray it on then pat it into my skin
  • Paula Mugabi
    Paula Mugabi 2 недели назад I use extra virgin olive oil
  • bindassaziz
    bindassaziz 1 месяц назад Please make a budget skin care video.face wash,moisturizer,vitamin c,retinol,dark spot removal serum,ceramide,and peptide,night cream,day cream
  • Myrtha Mohni
    Myrtha Mohni 3 недели назад bindassaziz "the ordinary"...effective and affordable!👍
  • near ramos
    near ramos 1 месяц назад I love how you break things down. Also keeps me from buying stuff just because some influencer endorsed the product. Love the honesty.
  • Helena Cunha
    Helena Cunha 1 месяц назад wow, I have milia on my cheeks and since you say that about thick creams I really think it is the The Ordinary moisturizer because it is thick! I'll switch it up ASAP
  • Myrtha Mohni
    Myrtha Mohni 3 недели назад (изменено) I made the same for decades until I watched dr. davlin lim...australien dermatologist and changed my routine: simply moisturizing my under eyes with CERAVE ceramides lotion and it changed with immediate effects...no puffy eyes in the morning!👍
  • Emily Cape
    Emily Cape 1 месяц назад I agree with you, I can't see spending an arm and a leg for another moisturizer just to put around your eyes. I tend to use an eye cream if it comes in a kit or something but I've never searched out and bought a specific eye cream. I'm currently using Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior 2-in-1 Plumping Moisturizer + Serum (the travel size) around and under my eyes. I have oily skin so this gel seems to not make that area any oilier and I don't get milia from it. I use that at night and I use the Origin GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream (travel size) for the daytime. Both these products came in a kit so I'm using them up. If I don't use the two products above, I'll use the Clinique Moisture Surge as an eye cream.
  • Savannah Gallegos
    Savannah Gallegos 1 месяц назад (изменено) Seriously I feel like I learn so much from you!! Can you do a review on The Real ladies? Only Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon have uploaded skincare routines but I love to see your review/feedback!! 💘💘💘
  • Alex Sousa
    Alex Sousa 1 месяц назад Adrienne used the wipes. Susan will not be happy 🤣🤣🤣
  • Susan Yara
    Susan Yara 1 месяц назад @Alex Sousa EEK! haha
  • Carla Murr
    Carla Murr 1 месяц назад Yes! I would love to see Susan's response to their routines
  • Alex Sousa
    Alex Sousa 1 месяц назад @Carla Murr me too!
  • Edwina Snowden
    Edwina Snowden 1 месяц назад @Alex Sousa and Adrienne removes her fake lashes without product. LOL!
  • omgderyah
    omgderyah 1 месяц назад (изменено) Can you explain what dry/oily/combo skin on what they need for an ideal skin care? Also I'm curious of what we need for winter vs summer. My skin is dry but when it comes into summer I get slightly oily and I love it. But I do feel like oil will clog my pores and then further cause acne. What would you recommend if you where to spend the whole day under the sun? Like festivals, beaches, and even park weather?