How To Think Like An Architect: The Design Process

Published on Jul 14, 2011 1,499,620 views

Santa Barbara architect Barry Berkus takes us through the process he used to design the Padaro Lane Residence in Southern California. He demonstrates his conceptual design process through a series of raw drawings and diagrams, along with a detailed explanation of the site conditions, and client needs. This preliminary diagramming stage is a necessary first step in creating a functional, and well thought out design.


  • Quốc Trung Đàm
    Quốc Trung Đàm 4 года назад He died in 2012 at ages 77...his videos was great. So sad.
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    Chintha Danansooriya 3 месяца назад Oh nooo
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    Mister GG 1 месяц назад :( these are inspirational :( so sad to hear that :(
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    Ahmed Slaibi 3 года назад R.I.P He's a great tutor even after his passing.
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    Brandon Newman Год назад Ahmed Slaibi rest in peace brother ❤️
  • Ray Campbell
    Ray Campbell 2 года назад People, this is exactly the way it works and this is a good example to show young students about how an architect designs and creates something from nothing. This shows the seed of an idea and how it develops. You have to start somewhere. You should disregard the comments below of the people who have a poverty of imagination and an abundance of ignorance There are those who dream and dare to fail and those who dig ditches.
  • mahsooque pc
    mahsooque pc 4 года назад I am a designer from India in Kerala. I must say I really enjoy your video. architecture is solving problems,and understanding the earth direction with client purpose. its delivering good design and good solution.
  • Steven Mak
    Steven Mak 4 года назад i know what he means man just go with the flow as long as you understand thats all that matters. Im in graphics design right now, this just expanded my mind to think out side of the box, plain and simple thanks eold man
  • HaikatrineKat
    HaikatrineKat 4 года назад Very interesting. Perfect introductory for those knowing basic design principals and drawing techniques on a 2D plane. I look forward to eventually learning the complexities of architecture, like considering which materials to use and building homes and businesses to withstand hurricanes and other natural disasters. I'd also like to know where this house was built, with a beachfront to the South. As we're shown the perspective conceptual art, we can see that the design takes multiple drawings and therefore multiple diagrams to cover the full 360° view. Judging by the fact that roads don't usually go over ocean, I'm guessing he's starting from the street view.
  • schwarze geometrie
    schwarze geometrie 2 года назад not the hardest design process with basicly enough space, enough money, no restrictions whatsoever. biggst decicionmaking based on few enviromental rules
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    Nur 2 года назад I didn't know Tywin lannister was an architect
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    wrp 2 года назад I like the fact that this guy has wrinkles and is still practicing. Architecture is not necessarily a profession one retires from...you just die. Zaha, Louis Kahn, Wright.
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    fabian anthony 5 лет назад I am so inspired, this man obviously shares a passion and a love for what he does, in a way that i visualize myself in the future
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    Linix Victor 5 месяцев назад shut the fuck up
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    María Julieta Pérez Carattoni 5 лет назад you really inspire me, Barry. I'm studying architecture and i'm so happy to know that you've been such a inspiration for me .Greetings from Argentina
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    Siyada Ibrahim 2 года назад Actually I'm an IT engineer, but I'm really interested in Architecture ...
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    Kamil Grzondziel 5 лет назад I am now like "WOW!". I am a architecture student in Polish academy. For 4 years of my education no one show me this mental proces so clean. This is what make difrence between architect and engineer. This is how to make home with soul.
    IA SPACE 4 года назад Nightmar for draftman..
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    Alma Vela Год назад IA SPACE I was thinking the Same thing Im a drafter myself and was thinking. If i get this sheet of paper 😪. Lmao
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    deslyn arizona Alexander 9 месяцев назад Dam right ,mus be tywins twin hiding and designing his own castle
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    amonster8mymother 4 года назад I think many people design form before function and say that is what architecture is.  It' is monumental.  That function becomes secondary.  So it's refreshing to see this.
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    Vizual Ambassador 4 года назад Of bless u berry rip and thanks for all the advice to becoming a successful architect
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    C C 2 года назад Will I get a degree if I draw like that?
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    Cicero Marcus Tullius 2 года назад Bricks are becoming less an less popular thanks for the video rip.
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