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This video compares and contrasts Linux Mint 18.1 xfce and Linux Light xfce. We will look at themes, software, download size, and system resources. The tests will will be in a virtual box running 4 processing cores of a core-i5 3570K and 8 GB of RAM.
Here are the links for the distros:
Linux Mint:
Linux Lite:

  • cynthia386
    cynthia386 2 года назад Tests should be done on an old machine, where speed and resource issues are easily apparent.
  • cynthia386
    cynthia386 2 года назад I used to say that testing should be done on a 3 year old computer. But because advances in hardware speed have slowed, I now recommend testing on a 5 year old computer. That way you can make sure that performance on a typical machine is good. And that things don't become progressively more annoying on a new machine.
  • Switched to Linux
    Switched to Linux 2 года назад This is a little of a misnomer that light Linux systems will bring an old computer to specs to run modern applications. Sure you can bring some life into an old dead computer to do some word processing, but I saw one video where the guy took a windows 98 / early XP machine and tried to use resource lite Linux to access advanced programs and websites like YouTube. They just take too many system resources. Yes, you can keep your XP machine running with a newer lite Linux distro, but don't try to do anything real on it. It just will not work. I could, however, drop the VB resources to test that way...
  • Claudio Alvarez
    Claudio Alvarez Год назад It seems that the friends of Linux Lite have made a couple of important corrections, I think now if I am able to recommend Linux Lite. :)
  • Marc D
    Marc D Год назад Brave browser has a built in ad-blocker thats works everywhere including youtube and Brave doesnt collect your data. sudo snap install brave --beta
  • Kory Scott
    Kory Scott Год назад (изменено) Linux Lite I found is more Nub friendly compared to Linux Mint at least. Something I agree with English Bob on. Lite says Start Here and U just follow the list; Where a total newbie would be lost I think finding where to get updates ect.
  • Nostalgia For Infinity
    Nostalgia For Infinity Год назад 00:40 There's nothing all that "modern" about Cinnamon. It's just a Gnome 3, with the design and aesthetics of Gnome 2/tradition windows XP/7 style interface. Add compiz to XFCE and a couple themes, and you can make XFCE look and function just as modern as any other desktop environment, and make it much more efficient and less laggy in comparison. Compared to Mutter, Kwin, and Gala, Compiz these days is much easier on the hardware and the animations are far smoother.
  • richard baker
    richard baker 2 года назад Linux mint xfce is way better than Linux lite. Lite still has some issues to address to really compete with mint. But both are good for beginners but I'd for now recommend mint.
  • richard baker
    richard baker 2 года назад Switched to Linux last time I tried it there wasn't an option to manually update the kernel. Some computers may not work on the one installed by default. No software center installed. I would have to install Linux lite again to find out what else. Another great distro I've tried recently is peppermint OS it uses xfce.
  • Switched to Linux
    Switched to Linux 2 года назад Cool! What are the things you think need addressed?
  • Michał Dybczak
    Michał Dybczak 2 года назад Mint is more mature. When you install Lite in none English language you will see some misses. Mint doesn't have that.
  • Michał Dybczak
    Michał Dybczak 2 года назад That's usually the first thing that is amiss on most small distros. DE and system components usually are translated but developers forget to implement translation packs for major programs, hunspell and others. Also if there are specific tools, they usually are either not translated or translated poorly by a robot, with funny or awkward effect (you can see it on MX16). If a distro is one man show, such problems are very strong, while for smaller distros who have community and history, issues are smaller. This makes the usage of a distro not so seamless experience + it automatically excludes it from the choice lists for those who are linux, English or technical illiterate. So that's not a small issue, especially if a distro aims to a newbie group. That is why, I will always recommend Mint instead Linux Lite or similar ones.
  • Switched to Linux
    Switched to Linux 2 года назад Thanks! As a native English speaker I did not realize to check for that!
  • Linux & Projects
    Linux & Projects 2 года назад mint has their own repos too.. you will find software in there you cant on lite.. like picasa
  • Switched to Linux
    Switched to Linux 2 года назад Yes, I mentioned the repos, but you are correct I did not mention the software differences in them.
  • PEN ॐM
    PEN ॐM 2 года назад My primary is Gentoo. Nice review for new users :)
  • CoolAzul2
    CoolAzul2 Год назад Good stuff. I was setting up a new machine and this answered several of my questions. Thanks!
  • Mo hhi
    Mo hhi Год назад It would be good if you could also review some other OS like cloudready so we can compare them to linux because they're also good replacement to windows in some cases.
  • Rob Peebles
    Rob Peebles 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Thumbs up every time for your videos, but I'm a big fan of the cat. Also I sometimes use an adblocker, but I have it turned off most of the time until I get a bad website that blocks content, and I'll flip it on for that time.
  • Deepinder Singh
    Deepinder Singh Год назад how to ugrade from linx lite to linx mint
  • TheUnknown67
    TheUnknown67 Год назад It wasn't WPS, it was Abiword and Gnumeric.
  • Tarmo Tyyri
    Tarmo Tyyri 7 месяцев назад Hi! I'm a fairly new Linux user - started with Mint 17 Cinnamon - and am now using MX Linux 17, but as soon as Mint 19.1 is released, I'll dual boot it with MX Linux because I like them both equally. To learn more about Linux I have subscribed several Linux-related Youtube channels, all of which I find both informative and entertaining - yours included. However, I've also noticed that many persons running these Linux-related channels have a cat or sometimes even several cats. This makes me especially happy since I'm a big cat lover too. Cats, like Linux, are independent, free and just wonderful to play with on a daily basis.
  • Switched to Linux
    Switched to Linux 7 месяцев назад Cats are a requirement to run Linux :)
  • fernando salazar
    fernando salazar 2 года назад What's your daily driver
  • Switched to Linux
    Switched to Linux 2 года назад Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon
  • nick hodson
    nick hodson Год назад In my opinion you missed the facility of installation when runnung linux lite. that is, the post intallation menu. we all know we have to get the system updated but sometimes for a newbie it is difficult to know how to do it, linux lite has my thumbs up
  • Micky-kun
    Micky-kun Год назад I switched to uBlock Origin as an ad blocker. Website don't detect it as much, and doesn't use too much resources.
  • Karl Pearson
    Karl Pearson 11 месяцев назад Hey, don't just leave it there. Tell how?
  • Switched to Linux
    Switched to Linux Год назад I found deploying my adblocking hosts script removed the need for adblockers all together!
  • Mr HunterF λ
    Mr HunterF λ 2 года назад Great video!! Thanks very much!
  • Switched to Linux
    Switched to Linux 2 года назад Thanks!
  • IrishCarney
    IrishCarney Год назад (изменено) One good thing about XFCE is its flexibility. Specifically I've been annoyed at how difficult it is in Cinnamon to change the spacing between icons / launchers in a panel, which can be done easily via the GUI in XFCE. On the other hand, in Cinnamon, common effects like animated window minimization are built in, while in XFCE (at least in Lite) they are absent and require installing other software with extra dependencies from outside the built in app store system.