How to Install A Pre-Hung Exterior Door

Published on Oct 22, 2008 1,237,438 views

Check out these easy to follow tip on how you can install a pre-hung exterior door.

  • Jeff Manson
    Jeff Manson Год назад Am I the only person who laughed their ass off by the time he listed about the 5th or 6th tool required and then just kept going, and going, and going, and going!!! LOL FELT LIKE AN SNL SKIT!!
  • Scooter
    Scooter 3 года назад Ugh, as a painter, don't brush your whole damn door. That's so ugly. Use a small, fine roller. Those brush marks are going to look really amateur.
  • Dave Ritter
    Dave Ritter 3 года назад I love your instructions. I have  been a learn as you go home builder for years. I have had no one to teach me. It is only now through your YouTube that I am able to obtain the training I need. My age is 73. It is late in the game. But, It sure clears up a lot of questions. I am  a retired airplane pilot.  Thanks Dave!
    BMWMED1 Год назад It's not late at all. You're a young man.
    BMWMED1 Год назад It's not late at all. You're a young man.
  • FclefRules
    FclefRules 3 года назад This guy's voice sounds like Kevin Neelin
  • Leah Akel
    Leah Akel 11 месяцев назад you are so right
  • Oscar Betancourt
    Oscar Betancourt 3 года назад hell yeah.
  • Jarrett Williams
    Jarrett Williams 3 года назад should've just painted the green one it looks better
  • Tommy Hammernots
    Tommy Hammernots 1 месяц назад Shit!! I knew I shoulda my new door first.
  • Sal Rigatonio
    Sal Rigatonio 2 года назад If the wood for the sub floor is not pressure treated wood you are going to need to apply flashing tape to protect the wood than add the bead of silicone caulk other wise your sub floor is going to rot out.
  • my cats
    my cats 2 года назад Yup. My sub sill, door sill, and the floor just inside are so rotted it's not even funny.
  • AKBuilder762
    AKBuilder762 2 года назад Sal Rigatonio That's the problem I have now. It turns a simple install into a pain in the ass.
  • Pat Tougas
    Pat Tougas 2 года назад Sal Rigatonio 8 the
  • Eddie J
    Eddie J 3 года назад THE CHECMICALS IN PRESSURE TREATED WOOD ARE ESPECIALLY CORROSIVE TO ALUMINUM according to all PT wood mfg. companies. For hardware use hot-dipped, fasteners, connectors, etc. Use copper or vinyl flashing. Otherwise, wrap the wood in rubberized membrane. Although the video showes some kind of vinyl on the bottom of the sill, it still doesn't protect the aluminum edges.
  • ShrikeTheAvatar
    ShrikeTheAvatar 3 месяца назад This is really great, but do you have any advice on how to keep my side-fumbling under control?
  • James Bong
    James Bong 2 года назад No, don't stick shims behind the hinges - above and below only
  • da324
    da324 5 месяцев назад They'll bind...
  • Gaffney Guy
    Gaffney Guy Год назад James Bong why only above and below?
  • L. Smith
    L. Smith 2 месяца назад Yeeeaaaahhhhh.......guess I'll be calling in a pro.Know your limits before you get in over your head and mess things up.
  • Duane Collicott
    Duane Collicott 2 года назад Hey, isn't this the Rockwell Retro Encabulator guy?
  • Michael Votaw
    Michael Votaw 10 месяцев назад The guy got about five words in, and I was thinking the same thing!
  • Benjamin Rinehart
    Benjamin Rinehart Год назад I think it is. If not, he's a dead ringer for him.
  • sertac yucel
    sertac yucel 4 месяца назад Bro...in all your videos you make the D.I.Y's look so easy...I've just done a few of these jobs myself and it came with a lot of sweat, swearing and cursing and the neighbours were probably about to call the cops (L.O.L).
  • Duane
    Duane 4 года назад OMG! It's the Retro-encabulator guy! youtube . com/ watch?v=RXJKdh1KZ0w
  • GetGood
    GetGood 4 года назад I was laughing out loud at that part too lol
  • redmond424
    redmond424 4 года назад You can install your own door or do what I did... I paid off my credit cards and mortgage using The Dividends Pay My Bills Method (Google it). It also taught me how to use investment dividend income to pay my monthly utility bills... and pay a carpenter to install my doors. Google The Method.
  • Maxid1
    Maxid1 4 года назад Check TLS LABS (Gene Summy) for the best flashing videos and although I haven't used any of their stuff yet, the products look really good. Check them out here: youtube. com /channel/UCIYnPfpTWX827bfOYH-pLkw
  • Maxid1
    Maxid1 4 года назад Do you work for Lowes just so you can show off and wear a red vest? I bet you sing in a barber shop quartet. Come on, fess up!
  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 года назад Pretty sure he never mentions screws at all on the latch side of the door... something of an oversight. Not to mention the flashing issue.
  • thetruth
    thetruth 5 лет назад I need to cut the door is it better to cut fiberglass or metal door? or can I buy a shorter door