Tabs and ViewPager (Android Development Patterns Ep 9)

Published on Nov 19, 2015 144,989 views

Showing multiple screens or pages of content is easy with the help of ViewPager and a PagerAdapter. Combining that with tabs make for an effective top level navigation strategy (https://www.google.com/design/spec/pa...) for your app or for moving between content at the same level of hierarchy within your app.

TabLayout ensures that your tabs matches the material design guidelines (https://www.google.com/design/spec/co...) and integrate easily with ViewPager to make jumping between pages and getting an overview of all pages much easier.

Add the Android Design Library to your app today: http://android-developers.blogspot.co...

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  • Armando J Leon
    Armando J Leon 3 года назад Thanks for the videos @Ian Lake​, not just this one, but all the ones the team has made!
  • PhilGerb93
    PhilGerb93 2 года назад Thank you so much! This is easily the best video on the subject and it's only 3 minutes long.. Amazing!
  • Ian Lake
    Ian Lake 2 года назад Glad you liked it!
  • Rama Ayesh
    Rama Ayesh 2 года назад Thanks but the translation is white so I can not see the line can you change the line color
  • ki wi
    ki wi 2 года назад The second link is old,something cannot be used.
  • Mauricio Silva Vázquez
    Mauricio Silva Vázquez 3 года назад Very nice and quick way to explain the uses of tabs and fragments. Good job!
  • Emmanuel Rodriguez
    Emmanuel Rodriguez 3 года назад What about RTL support?
  • Diego Gómez Olvera
    Diego Gómez Olvera 3 года назад +Emmanuel Rodriguez I open sourced a tiny library to solve that issue https://github.com/diego-gomez-olvera/RtlViewPager.
  • Randy Saborio
    Randy Saborio 3 года назад What's the pen and pad he is using?
  • Alex Gomes
    Alex Gomes 10 месяцев назад most likely, wacom Cintiq - https://www.wacom.com/en-in/products/pen-displays
  • Brane Petkoski
    Brane Petkoski 3 года назад Thanks for the tablayout.
  • Arun P M
    Arun P M 2 года назад Thanks buddy for the quick and easy tutorial :)
  • sara mohmad
    sara mohmad Год назад شرح ممتاز
  • Atul Vidyarthi
    Atul Vidyarthi 4 месяца назад Sir, what view element I should use for different questions navigation in a quiz app. Please reply soon
  • Guillermo Alfonso Barros Gerdts
    Guillermo Alfonso Barros Gerdts 2 года назад Gracias por la imformación!!!! save the day!!
  • Mateus KP
    Mateus KP Неделю назад (изменено) thanks a lot , this is the only tutorial that I find on youtube that worked for me !(and the most straight to the point)
  • Kevin Vizcarra
    Kevin Vizcarra 3 года назад Does PagerAdapter and TabLayout support dynamically adding and removing tabs? For example, I'd like to show everyday of this week as a tab in TabLayout, where each day is a page in a ViewPager and when the user swipes on the TabLayout the previous or next week is shown, depending on the direction of the swipe.
  • Mike Xue
    Mike Xue Год назад thanks god! Tabs-ViewPager-Fragment .... you got it clearly!!!!
  • Tirth Patel
    Tirth Patel 11 месяцев назад This was quite easy to understand tutorial. Thank you!
  • dieter gustaf
    dieter gustaf 2 года назад how do you use getString() without a context? or rather, where do you get the context from, to call this method?
  • Andrew Epstein
    Andrew Epstein Год назад (изменено) @Andrea Rosini This is the correct answer. I was puzzled about this as well, and this made perfect sense.
  • harshit sharma
    harshit sharma Год назад Andrea, the Ist input (i.e getContext()) in FixedTabsPagerAdapter constructor doesn't exist.It shows only getApplicationContext() and getBaseContext().
  • Under The Radar
    Under The Radar Год назад Resources.getSystem().getString(R.string.stringName);
  • Andrea Rosini
    Andrea Rosini 2 года назад Create a private Context variable and assign value passed to constructor so constructor must be FixedTabsPagerAdapter(Context context, FragmentManager fm) and than call will be PageAdapter mPageAdapter = new FixedTabsPagerAdapter(getContext(), getFragmentManager())
  • Ramy Bittar
    Ramy Bittar 2 года назад I also have the same problem. I've been trying few things but nothing worked so far.
  • Kevin Tresuelo
    Kevin Tresuelo 2 месяца назад Udacity brought me here
  • Renato Kuramoto
    Renato Kuramoto 2 года назад how can I send data between fragments?
  • Sunil Sharma
    Sunil Sharma 2 года назад +Ian Lake in the title of tablayout how to set an image and text ?