Leather Jackets: Timeless, Classic and Sexy as Hell!

Published on Mar 23, 2012 574,614 views

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in this video professional male image consultant and style expert aaron marino talks about the men's leather jacket. The leather jacket is timeless, classic and ultra cool. Aaron Marino has one goal... to help you look great and feel even better! Men's style, fashion and wardrobe are all areas that alpha m image consulting can help you. We improve your confidence and self esteem from the outside in.

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    Onesimus R 2 года назад LMAO, time to reshoot this video alpha!!!
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    Badr Haddy 2 года назад up you go
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    Claire Redfield Год назад https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wyTwmocqA4
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    TheGiant 4 года назад he went from kid who gets bullied to wolverine
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    TheChosenOne 3 года назад i wished the new episodes had these cringy imaginary conversations :D
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    mimza Год назад TheChosenOne is that a hentai profile picture?
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    EpicEthan21 Год назад Nah it's a meme
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    Jack Gillespie 2 года назад 2012 alpha was verging on having a mullet.
    ZACUSCĂ 5 лет назад Wolverine.
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    YaBoiElmas Год назад Stefanut cos he looks like hugh jackman 😂
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    K.S So Год назад Same thought
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    gonzalo sihuin Год назад with barbie voice 😂
  • Casey Horne
    Casey Horne 3 года назад The arm length is a throwback to the moto style on which many jackets are molded. The extra length on a genuine motorcycle jacket is meant to cover your wrists with your arms outstretched (as when gripping bike handlebars) so they will meet gloves without showing skin.
  • The Vegan Cyborg
    The Vegan Cyborg 2 года назад Aaron your older videos rock man! I like that you had the fonze and Michael Jackson in here too!
  • Oldschool Cholo7
    Oldschool Cholo7 5 лет назад The sleeves on most motorcycle jackets are really long because when you reach for the bars of the motorcycle the the sleeves fall back and slide down so they make them longer. and thats why most have the zipper on the wrists because it slims down the sleeves so they wont go over your hands.
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    Halfnatty Spider 2 года назад anyone else watching this in 2016?
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    Matthew D 2 года назад i think aaron wishes we weren't
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    Nefus1988 Год назад Old Alpha M videos are more enjoyable to watch because there is no sponsored content and advertizement every single time.
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    Finlay Wishart Год назад Hey! The dude needs to make a living somehow , Probably time to reshoot this one tho lol
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    Gavin Pais Год назад 2017 and many more years ahead http://www.ebay.com/usr/tinker00
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    Tobimaru Mori Год назад This is the ultime leather jacket reference video. There is drama, comedy, action and bloopers. What more can you ask for?
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    amays86 Год назад 10/22/2017....holy shit, I can't believe he still keeps old vids like this on the channel...what a dramatic difference
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    dinocelikovic 5 лет назад "this jacket wouldn't protect me from a unicorn fart" hahahahhahaha i'm dead
  • Maximilian
    Maximilian 4 года назад If you're wondering about sleeve length, think about the posture you're in when you're leaning forward on your motorcycle. If the sleeves weren't long you'd be unprotected.
  • sharath kumar
    sharath kumar 2 года назад who else watching in 2017?? is there any material which looks exactly like leather jacket but is not actually the animal skin? i wanna buy a leather jacket which is not made of animal skin (not leather) P.C I'm a vegan and not wanna wear animal skin. no offence to the people who wear leather
  • DH_Artist
    DH_Artist Год назад sharath kumar there is pleather which is a synthetic leather for the animal lovers.
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    Hrtpyn 8 месяцев назад Chemistry leather
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    Jack Patzner Год назад Old but gold😂😂
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    BostonTricker 3 года назад I always think that leather jackets look ugly on a hanger but look 100x better on a human body.
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    Reedo Lightningweaver Год назад BostonTricker yeah they have a nicer shape when they're being worn
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